WORKSHOP-Jerusalem´s Windows overlook al-balqa, too… // Jordan // 2017Diciember-2018January


 Life itself  is  curious and we never know what the future will bring  us… Sometimes rewarding you with fantastic experiences, professional recognitions and gifts like that one. You will ask how a Basque artist arrive from Spain to Amman. Well, the true is that I don´t know very well. Because I know that I will not be here without the trust as an artist  of the great jordan colleague and friend Hilda Hiary and the great Khaldoun Daoud. But also I have to confess that I dont believe in the coincidence!!! I belive in the energy and the causality!! And if we realise about the subject that keep as in this worshop “Jerusalen and the freedom” and that I am a basque artist… I really feel that I have to be here and  the universe wanted. To can talk about  Palestine and Basque countries, showing our connection and feellings.

Who is Khaldoon Daoud? How I can catch and transmit such conplicate and in the same time easy  one, and deep soul and filosofy. Its complicate to transmit it, so I will use the words of his wife or how he called, “his love” Lina –He is free! Enyone can catch him! even next or far away, in the sky or in a tree…  always is flying free! You can see him but he is free-

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