Shenzhen International Art Fair 2017

I am so happy showing you some photos of my partification on ones of the impotants China Art Fair. And also very glad been one of the artist mentioned on the “Official Shenzhen International Art Fair Book”. 

Here you will see one painting of the Serie of Nudity & Naturality. The last painting of the miniseries of three works that I created in the middle of an immense pain and duel, after the sudden loss of one of my pillars, my dearest grandmother Luisa. As you well know, Art is my passion, devotion and drug, and in spite of it; I had a period of almost a year without creating… The miniseries was the exception created because I had been invited for a Biennial in Italy. It was very hard, but in the same time it was the way to channel the pain and release it…; and with the help of my grandma who will be always with me, gave rise to one of my best works.– I MISS YOU & LOVE YOU DEAR GRANDMA-

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