Arabic world

  • "Chefchaouen ilunpetan". Mixt technique on yute. 180x80 cm. 2009
  • "Ensueño de los Tenderetes II". Mixt technique on canvas. 80 x 80cm. 2008
  • "Ensueño África Shop". Mixt technique on canvas. 120x80+60+40 cm. 2008
  • "Ensueño III". Mixt technique on canvas. 60x100 cm. 2007
  • "Ensueño sucesión de arcos". Mixt technique on canvas. 60x80 cm. 2008
  • "Mooh3lik Street". Mixt technique on yute. 30x40 cm. 2008
  • "Ensueño Fortaleza Assilah". Mixt technique on canvas. 100x40 cm. 2008
  • "Chaouen in the darkness". Watercolour Mixt. 90 x 70 cm. 2013
  • "Ensueño Tenderestes I". Mixt technique on yute. 60x100 cm. 2008
  • "Chefchaouen". Mixt Watercolour on Arches. 36x51 cm. 2008
  • "Ametsezko Tenderetea I" Mixt T. on vintage linen. 115x73cm. 2016

Serie that send us to the beginning of the trajectory where the explosions show us the places with a special and personal touch (as the artista likes to say, “leku bitak” in basque). Spaces, streets, landscapes… most of them from Morocco World, for what she feels cautivated.

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